Airports That Are Located Near Clemmons, North Carolina

Airports That Are Located Near Clemmons, North Carolina

Although there are no airports in Clemmons, North Carolina that are open to the public, there are a lot of excellent airports located nearby. If you are flying in the area, you will most likely need to fly into one of the airports in a surrounding city or town and find ground transportation to get you from the airport to Clemmons.

The closest airport is Smith Reynolds Airport, which is located in Winston-Salem. It is about 15 miles outside of Clemmons, making it a convenient option for anyone who is traveling to the area. It is important to note, however, that it is an extremely small airport that has limited passenger flights available. For the most part, it is just used for general aviation and for flight training.

The closest major airport to Clemmons is the Piedmont Triad International Airport, which is located in Greensboro. This airport is about 33 miles outside of Clemmons, making it somewhat less convenient than Smith Reynolds Airport. However, it is still within easy driving distance – especially when compared to any of the other options.

For instance, the next closest airport is located in Charlotte, which is 80 miles away. Unless you want to spend a lot of time driving, your best bet is probably to fly into the Piedmont Triad Airport. You can then rent a car or look into other transportation options to get you from the airport to your final destination.

If you are planning on visiting Clemmons, you may want to get online and compare ticket prices for all of the airports that are located nearby. You may be able to save a lot of money by doing so.

There are a lot of great travel sites out there that allow you to easily compare the cost of flights based on the dates that you are traveling and the destination airport. By using these sites to compare different options, you should be able to quickly figure out which airport will give you the lowest ticket price.

If you are looking for a Clemmons, North Carolina airport, you are somewhat out of luck. There are no airports located within the city limits. There are, however, several good airports located nearby including Smith Reynolds Airport and the Piedmont Triad International Airport. You should check the price of airline tickets to all of the nearby airports to see which option gives you the lowest price.

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